Where to smoke at Ankara Esenboğa Airport? Where is the terrace? If you are asking, you are at the right address. With Illustrated Directions, you can find the smoking areas for Ankara Esenboğa Airport Domestic passengers, International passengers, Transfer passengers in our location.

    Esenboğa Airport Smoking Area

    There are 6 smoking terraces at Ankara Esenboğa Airport. You can find the smoking areas in the domestic passengers and international departures section on the map below.

    We believe that you will find our content useful, which we have created to eliminate the difficulties experienced by smokers while they are waiting for transportation from Ankara Esenboğa International Airport. You can also easily find cigarette sales points in Ankara Esenboğa Airport. Cigarettes are sold at normal price.

    Esenboğa Airport Domestic Flights Departures Smoking Areas

    Smoking is allowed at 2 different points on Esenboğa Airport domestic flights. Smoking is allowed in the areas marked with additional lines on the map, at No. 6 Tadında Anadolu cafe and in the terrace area on the upper floor (Cafe Nero).

    Esenboğa Airport smoking area

    Upstairs – Cafe Nero

    You can smoke a cigarette while drinking coffee at Esenboğa Airport Cafe Nero.

    Downstairs – 301-308 Doors “Tadında Anadolu Cafe”

    You can use the smoking area located at gates 301-308 at Esenboğa Airport.

    Esenboğa Domestic Terminal Arrivals Floor Smoking Areas

    There are smoking areas at 2 different points on the domestic flights arrivals floor of Esenboğa Airport.

    Esenboğa Airport smoking area

    In the image on the side, the place shown with number 1 in green is Cafe Nero, and the place shown with number 2 is Seferi Cafe.

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    Café Nero You can go here and smoke a cigarette with your coffee.

    Seferi Cafe (Remote Plane / Busgate) : You can smoke with tea or coffee. In addition to food and beverages, you can meet your instant needs such as newspapers, CDs and magazines.

    Esenboğa Airport International Departing Smoking Areas

    You can smoke a cigarette with your tea by going to the Teras Cafe, number 10, in the Esenboğa International departures section.

    esenboğa airport smoking area

    We think that we have clarified the situation of searching for the location of the Esenboğa airport smoking area, which is the most common problem and a nightmare for smokers, and not being able to find the location of the Esenboğa airport smoking terrace.